Answered By: Valentin Macias
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So you want to cross over to our side, huh? All librarians need a Masters in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS) or an equivalent degree. First, try your best to graduate with your bachelors degree with a 3.0 or above. Your bachelors degree can be in anything. If your GPA isn't at least 3.0 at the moment, just promise yourself that you will boost it up with your upper division coursework when you transfer to the four-year college of your choice. Most library schools--and most graduate school programs in any discipline, for that matter--will typically admit students whose GPAs are at or above 3.0. Because grad school is going to be much more rigorous than your undergraduate education, admissions officers at library schools will want to be sure you'll have what it takes to survive and stay the course. A 3.0+ undergraduate GPA will serve as strong evidence of that. 

Second, choose an American Library Association-accredited (ALA) program. There are over 50 such programs in North America and California has three ALA-accredited library schools at the moment, (SJSU, UCLA, and USC) but various other colleges around the country offer distance learning programs as well. Different library schools have different admissions requirements as well as tuition fees that can vary greatly, so be sure to check their respective websites for more specific information.

Any of the librarians here would be more than happy to discuss this interesting career choice with you.  Come chat with us!

For more information, check the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Good luck!