Answered By: Valentin Macias
Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017     Views: 19

If you are having difficulty locating your print job, check the following:

1.) Send to Printer screen: When a file is sent to print, it is important to wait for a few seconds until a blue-green-colored Send to Printer screen pops up. You will need to input your name (and remember how it was inputted--see #2 below). Do not leave your computer until this step is completed.

2.) If the print release station keeps giving a 'no file found' message, try locating your file on print release station #3. You can scroll through the different pending print jobs rather than inputting your name as you would for the other print release stations. This is useful if the name was inputted incorrectly or if it is difficult to remember how it was inputted from the computer.