Answered By: Monique Delatte
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2021     Views: 2


This is the answer that I have for that: 

Tim sent me the following and the temporary login appears to work, but I’ve also been referring the students to ACT help desk at to see if they can fix the log in problem.



If these credentials are not working, they can use the temporary credentials below:


Username: EBSCO

Password: bookm@rk!


If neither of these work, then it usually means that the issue resides in some sort of technical issue with the student’s computer. I would advise them to:


  1. Try using a different browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Clear the cache on whatever browser they are using (they can Google instructions)
  3. Restart their computer and make sure they have internet access
  4. Make sure they are actually directly typing in all username/password combinations, and not relying on auto-fill features from browser.